Vantech - More Than A Guarantee

1. Vision:

Desires of Vantech become a leading global company in the production and distribution of CCTV systems.

2. Mission:

Created with passion. Faced with the challenge. With all the effort and enthusiasm to bring satisfaction to our customers with the best quality of service and also, contributing to the country's economic prosperity.

Give each our staff's member the best opportunities to develop their talents, a life full of material and spiritual abundance.

Greatest wish is doable "What more committed".

3. Business philosophy:

Target customer for innovation and creativity.

Society is the foundation of development.

The staff is the pillar of the family VANTECH.

4. Business Principles:

Compliance with laws and ethical standards.

Respect for our customers, shareholders and employees.

Concerned about the environment, health and safety. Maintain national cultural identity as well as the business.

As a responsible corporate society.

5. brand philosophy: "More than a Guarantee":

Always pioneers. Keep improving, innovate.

Honesty with customers. Sincerely with colleagues.

Better do best and what they have committed.

6. Target Action:

Based growth and firm size.

Constantly enhance the brand image.

Develop human resources professional.

Expand its distribution network in remote, extensive

7. Action Solution:

Flexible company organization, powerful and flexible. Internal solidarity, always innovative, determined to become a pioneer company in the field of CCTV was selected. VANTECH certain to be built and developed on three pillars namely: HR - Technology - Finance.