VanTech Organizational Structure

  - Board of Directors:  
         CEO:                                           Bà Đinh Thị Thu Hà
         Director of Human Resources:    Bà Đặng Thị Bình
         International Business Director:   Bà Nguyễn Kim Thảo
         Marketing Director:                       Bà Nguyễn Kim Thảo
         Chief Financial Officer:                 Bà Trần Thượng Bích La     

       - Management of functional parts: 

      - The representative office abroad: 

         1. Representative Office in Singapore

         2. Representative Office in Malaysia

         3. Representative Office in Thailand

         4. Representative Office in Cambodia

         5. Representative Office in Indonesia

     - The local office:

        1. Da Nang Office         

        2. Can Tho Office                              

        3. Hanoi Office

The company's staffs consist of dynamic engineers and managers who are enthusiastic and professional. There are currently more than 200 employees working within manufacturing CCTV products as well as designing and implementing small and large surveillance systems.

Additionally, the company is also being supported by both Vietnamese and international partners, who are the leading experts in the field of CCTV technology.


Every year, we send our technical staff to participate in professional to keep updated in the latest technology from abroad. We committed to deliver superior value for our customers and shareholders.

At Van Xuan Company, our products, our human resources and our methodology are developed and maintained at the highest standards, help us to contribute effectively to a better world.

II. Organizational chart